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Hospital International Patient Safety Goal: Patient Identification

On the Medical Tourism Latin America I frequently reference Joint Commission International (JCI), the top accrediting body for international hospitals. Blue Morpho works exclusively with hospitals that have either achieved this accreditation or are actively working toward it. You might ask what’s the big deal about accreditation? As you may know, almost all U.S. hospitals are accredited by the domestic arm of The Joint Commission. This stamp of approval is necessary for hospitals that bill Medicare and most private insurance companies.

JCI surveys all areas of hospital operations, and I think one of the most important things they have done in recent years is establish International Patient Safety Goals (IPSG’s), similar to the National Patient Safety Goals in the U.S. There are two reasons why I want medical tourists to know about the IPSG’s.

1. Planning travel to a foreign hospital for medical care can be scary, especially if you don’t know what to expect. Knowing that the hospital you will visit has shown dedication to patient safety through JCI accreditation and implementation of the IPSG’s offers reassurance.
2. Research shows that patients and their companions who are actively involved in the safety of their medical care actually DO receive the safest care. Education is the first step to becoming an active participant your care. (And this is true for anyone entering a hospital in the U.S. and abroad!)

Let’s start with the first goal: Identify Patients Correctly. The JCI standards manual states, “The intent of this goal is twofold: first, to reliably identify the individual as the person for whom the service or treatment is intended; second, to match the service or treatment to that individual.”

What this boils down to is that before providing any treatment to a patient, the nurse, doctor, lab tech, etc. must verify that you are indeed the person for whom the care is intended. This happens best through the use of two identifiers. The first is your name, and the second is most commonly date of birth; your room number should never be used. Generally you will be asked for this information, and your answers compared to the written documentation on the medical record, medication, lab order, etc. This simple step prevents errors. For instance, you may be in the room previously occupied by Mr. Smith, and it ensures you don’t get Mr. Smith’s medication rather than your own!

So what is the patient and companion’s role in this? First off, it is OK to remind the caregiver to verify your identification. You may even ask to see your name on the medication or treatment order to make sure it is intended for you. Answers to your questions will reassure you and make you feel safe while reminding your hospital caregiver that you want to be a part of your care. Rather than being off put or challenged by your questions, medical caregivers will appreciate the opportunity to reassure you that they are doing the right thing the right way. After all, medical professionals don’t want to make mistakes any more than you want them to.

Education about patient safety is in no way designed to frighten, nor is it uniquely targeted to medical tourists traveling outside of the U.S. for care. In my role as a U.S. hospital Patient Safety Officer, I always advised nurses to educate patients on the steps they take to ensure patient safety. Further, I encouraged patients never to hesitate to ask questions and always speak up if they had concerns.

I’ll cover more about patient safety in future posts. Feel free to leave a comment here on the blog. I am interested in knowing what you think.

What’s it like to have surgery in Costa Rica?

My personal experience in Costa Rica began as a bittersweet experience. Two of my closest friends from my hometown of Austin, Texas bought a hostel in Costa Rica, packed up, and moved far away. As much as I miss seeing them regularly, my son and I were blessed with the opportunity to travel to places we had never been. Needless to say, we fell in love with the country and have returned numerous times to enjoy the cloud forest, canopy tours, white water rafting, secluded beaches, and volcanoes.

This trip, however, is a whole new experience. My girlfriend Elena, now a resident of Costa Rica, is having surgery tomorrow at CIMA Hospital in San Jose to treat battle scars of childbirth.

Elena has never had surgery, and to my knowledge has never even taken pain medication other than Tylenol. She is one of the fortunate women for whom childbirth came quickly and relatively easily. Naturally, she and her husband are quite anxious about the extensive surgery that is scheduled for tomorrow! So that he can remain home in the cloud forest to care for their children and business, I am on my way to San Jose to accompany Elena through the process.

Thus begins my journey to tell a firsthand story of what surgery in Costa Rica is all about from the perspective of companion, caregiver, and friend.

Hampton Roads Real Estate Investments - The best place to select the investment properties.

Investment Properties 

Investing in property, an investment that many favored anywhere in the world, at this time. Various forms of investment properties, such as houses, apartments, land became the choice of many investors.

Many people choose the type of investment property due to be tempted advantage they can get for a certain period, or for a property to be theirs. They can take advantage of the increase in property prices, as well as and the use of the property as a rental item. In addition to the properties that they have, they can take it to the bank, to obtain capital in building their business.

However, there is no doubt that every investment need of learning. There are costs that must be considered and taken into account at the time you invest in property, such as maintenance costs, and so forth. In addition, the property is a type of investment that is not liquid, meaning not easily be cashed immediately, it takes time to process. And then when you invest in a house or apartment, there is always a depreciation of the value of a building, because of the climate, the structure, the material used for building materials, as consumed by time.

But all that can be overcome, if you want to take the time to learn the various aspects of the investment in the property. How much risk property investment and how much profit you will get. No investment is without risk, and there is no investment that does not have an advantage. However, ignorance and your unwillingness to learn more, study more, you will hurt yourself.

As a matter of information, if you invest in the land, will increase the resale value greater, than when you buy from year to year is always increasing. Investment in land, require little maintenance costs, and also does not require any insurance considering this investment is relatively safe. However, if you invest in the land, you cannot earn additional income from this investment, it is difficult to be used as bank collateral, and when you want to sell, it would be difficult, if you have a large land. Not a lot of people who have the money to buy your land.

Furthermore, investing in the apartment. Sale value of an apartment would be much higher than the selling value of a home, so-many people would be better off choosing an apartment with location compared strategy house located in a strategic location. By having an apartment, you will be able to earn additional income by renting it back to other people. However, the apartments have higher maintenance costs, the depreciation of buildings each year, and you need to understand about the track record of the developer of the apartment, it is not possible in the event of a leaking drain pipe, then that should have to be repaired are rooms that are 1 floor with the room you have.

Next is an investment house. The house has a sale value is relatively moderate, although the selling price is lower when compared to the increase in land prices. A house easier to sell than the ground. Since most people would prefer to buy a house that is so instead of buying vacant land, then build a house on it. The house can be used as collateral in the bank. You can get additional revenue from renting out the house you have. However, such an apartment, the house has a value of depreciation of buildings each year, has a property tax that is higher than the ground, and you also need to guard with insuring your home.

Apart from the kind of investment properties, you also need to understand how the criterion of a dwelling house or apartment is nice as a means of investment. The location is a necessary condition that must absolutely understand.

The best advice to choose investment properties

Well, if you want to choose to stay home as a means of investment, the best advice is:

1. Appropriation location of residential areas.
2. near the school or campus
3. near the market or shopping center
4. Access adequate transportation and accessible
5. Being in the city or near the city
6. Close the business district, or the center of business activity
7. Environment The relatively safe, not prone to crime or social conflict
8. No hazard or fire or flood.

If you want to select the land as a means of investment, the best advice is:

1. The designation of the location of residential areas or commercial
2. It has good prospects in the future
3. Close to social facilities such as markets, schools, hospitals, places of worship, and a garden.
4. Close to highway
5. The contour to the shape of good soil
6. The neighborhood is relatively safe, not prone to crime or social conflict.
7. No hazard / fire / flood.

If you want to choose the apartment as investment properties, then the best advice is:

1. Appropriation semi commercial or residential areas.
2. The location has been developed with roads and transportation, as well as adequate parking.
3. near the office, college / university, the center of business activity.
4. Close to the market or shopping
5. Being in the city or near the city
6. The neighborhood is relatively safe, not prone to crime or social conflict.
7. No hazard / fire / flood.

As we already know, that the location is the key factor if the property has an advantage over the competition. Briefly in choosing a location nice property, an outline of which is easily seen are:

1. Judging from the number of passing vehicles, an increasing number of vehicles that pass through the property, the property value will be higher
2. judging from the unique location of the property is rarely possessed another location, for example, view: lakes, beaches, mountains, hills, sunrise, sunset, or other unique
3. Seen from a very strategic location, eg near the business center so that the demand is very high.

The best place to select the investment properties

However, if you are located in Hampton, Newport News, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Chesapeake. And you want to have investment properties, as a means of your investment in the future; you can contact the Hampton Roads Real Estate Investments.

Hampton Roads Real Estate Investments - The best place to select the investment properties.

9 tips to Make Our Lives Happier

We as humans are not only living as a private man, but also as a social creature that is not possible a lot of things that do make us feel sad, disappointed and hurt. However, it is fitting all of it, does not make us worse off. Because our happiness is our right, to the following are nine tips to make our lives happy.

1. Don’t Fear and Worry

Feelings of fear and worry are our mind the most  unproductive. Most of the things we worry or fear  never happened. So what are we worried and afraid?

2. Never Saving Revenge

Revenge is going to be the biggest and heaviest  burden if we keep it in our hearts. Will you carry it  throughout life? .... I Don’t think so. Don’t waste  our energy to hold a grudge, certainly of no use. Use  the energy that we have, for the things that are  positive.

3. Focus on the Issues

If we have some problems, resolve our problems one by  one. Don’t unthinkable to solve the problem at once  because it will make us more stress.

4. Don’t Bring Problems at Bedtime

The problem is a very bad thing, for the health of  our sleep. The problem that brought at bedtime, will  make restless and not being soundly.

5. Don’t Interfere Other People's Problems

Helping others who are in trouble is a noble thing,  but if we take the largest portion, to resolve the  problems of others, that's the biggest mistake. Let  the person who solves their own problems with the  largest portion.

6. Don’t Live in the Past

It feels good to remember the fun things in the past,  but don’t be complacent. Concentrate with what is  happening at this time, because we would be able to  feel a lot of happiness in the moment. I am sure we  will have a feeling much happier if we were  celebrating what happened today than remembering  happiness in the past.

7. Be a Good Listener

Probably most people, including me, believe that hard  to be a good listener. On the contrary we expect  others who listened to us, but actually to learn to  listen to others, we will get a lot of new things  that can be very useful for the happiness of our  lives.

8. Don’t let frustration mess up your life

Take positive action and do it consistently. Don’t  let frustration at failed attempts many times, making  our lives a mess. We must believe that there are only  two things that happen, when we take action, that is  happy or study.

9. Always Thankful

Thankful and grateful for all we get, not just the  positive things but also negative things. Because I  believe behind every negative thing is there are good  things we can learn.

Hope it is useful!

Ten business idea, which is profitable as a product SME

One of the factors that may affect the business performance of SMEs is the SME business model. SME business model is a prototype developed by SMEs in business.

Every business has a unique character that requires its own business model. SME business model is a model that describes how to achieve a profit, so it is like a vehicle which is built in order to drive them to their destination.

A good business model that most SMEs are not able to explain who the customers of the business and how the business can make a profit. An SME business model has contributed greatly to the business performance of SMEs.

SME business model is the key to SME businesses, to improve competitiveness and achieve the end goal. For example, the price of a product SME policies and marketing site selection will affect the number of SME products are sold and be able to compete in the market.

Often the process of development of the SME business model goes unnoticed.
To be able to develop the business models of SMEs, micro and small enterprises should have 4 things, that there is market demand, there is potential for SMEs, there is awareness for Research and Product Development, and there are business leaders into the motor.

Selection of SME products that will be developed into a business model of SMEs, of course also interesting to note.

Here are 10 business ideas that have the advantage to be developed into products of SMEs and SME business models used in the future.

1. Business supporter’s gadgets and accessories 
The lifestyle of modern society, making use of gadgets especially mobile devices like smartphones will experience unprecedented growth. So, for those of you who are confused looking for a business opportunity, there is no harm if a business tried selling gadgets and gadget accessories.

2. Online Business 
Internet access is getting easier through mobile devices, making the growth of online businesses increasingly shining brightly in the days to come. For example, just as the media business portal, selling products through online stores, drop shipping, affiliate, and so forth.

3. Business Printing 
Business Printing never-ending, banners, billboards, pins, stickers, brochures and so on.

4. Shirt Screen Printing Business 
Not compete with the printing business, party balls (FIFA World Cup) which makes the t-shirt printing business much sought after community.

5. Business of Fashion 
The field of fashion is one of the business opportunities that never no death. Fashion business such as clothes, bags, shoes, accessories for women are still more likely to produce abundant profits each month. For those of you who are interested to pursue this effort, could follow the fashion trends that exist but still creates its own characteristics so as not to compete with existing players
6. Business Franchise 
Last year, the business that brought the concept of franchising (franchise) has developed very promising. Even a variety of business sectors also open its network with the franchise concept. Call it like a business franchise education, beauty, technology, health, and business services.

7. Businesses Culinary/Food
Almost the same with the fashion business, the culinary/food field has also become one of the business opportunities that never dies at feeding times. Although the competition is already pretty crowded, but with the innovation and the different characteristic you can reap big profits from the culinary/food business. For example, create a unique menu, or carrying such a unique concept catering business online.

8. Business Herbs 
Increased public awareness of the importance of health, making herbal products began to glance to replace chemical-based products. Even so the magnitude of the public interest, now herbal products and traditional herbal medicine not only penetrated the local market but also began to be exported to the international market.

9. Automotive Business 
Condition of the domestic economy is getting better, making the level of consumption of luxury goods such as automotive products is increasing. Many automotive manufacturers are planning to launch a cheap car, thus indirectly the growth of the automotive businesses such as car and motorcycle repair, accessories, and modification of automotive goods increasingly promising sizable advantage.

10. Crafts Business 
Souvenir is still a mainstay in Business SME. To find the information and inspiration of handicraft products you can visit one of them in crafts pinterest .

Decide on a business idea that suits your potential and immediately arrange business plan that will be fully, so that every month you can pocket the lucrative profits.

I hope this article is helpful!

DIY Crafts - a source of inspiration to innovate products for Small and Medium Enterprises

DIY Crafts - Helping Small and Medium Enterprises in terms of resources to innovate products 

Small and Medium Enterprises in the majority of the business activities of small and need to be protected to prevent unhealthy competition.

SME is one important part of the economy of a country or region. SMEs have a very important role in the speed of the economy. SMEs are also very helpful state / government in terms of new job creation and through the many SMEs also created a new unit that uses the new personnel that can support household income.

Apart from that SMEs also have a high flexibility when compared to the effort that larger capacity. These SMEs need special attention and supported by accurate information, to enable the targeted business relationship between small and medium-sized businesses with business competitiveness elements, namely market network.

The number of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) that exist in the current increased, but the number of SMEs is found to be proportional to the level of their competitiveness, both locally and internationally. If we notice, most SMEs just make the process of production, trade, and the economically, thus making the competitiveness of SMEs can not compete with big companies.

Based on the information, it turns out about 70% of existing SMEs to start these activities due to the economic pressure is not because they have a unique product or skill in a particular field. Of course, this condition leads to the majority of SMEs do not have the competitiveness, where we know that to survive and thrive in the business world that is increasingly tight we have to have the skills, can work in a professional, and able to create innovations in their businesses .

Here are some steps that can be done to develop the ability and skill in improving SMEs owned:

1 Actor SME Must Have Soul of Leadership In Himself
Although you still have to start SMEs and not an employee, you still have to instill leadership qualities in you, so when your employees will have the employee can lead well. Your ability to lead, plan, organize, and run a business will certainly have a very important role in the strong growth of business itself.

2 Actors SMEs Should Want to Learn About Management
Knowledge of Management is a very important thing to be owned by the SMEs. With a capital of knowledge management, you will be able to optimize the available resources in your business, and can reduce the risk of loss that may occur.

3 Actors SMEs Must Do Marketing and Branding
One of the causes of the failure of an SME is not doing marketing and branding to the fullest. These two factors are very important in the growth of a business either small scale or large scale. We recommend that you create a logo and company name that is easily remembered by others, and also make your SME promotion that is increasingly recognized by the public. We must never forget that no matter how good the product you sell if not supported by good promotion activities, people will not know.

4. Actors SMEs Should Adapts
Wider market and the growth of SMEs is the more certainly will create a lot of challenges. An observant in SMEs should pay attention to all the opportunities and obstacles that may come before you, and can make decisions and act quickly. Ability in the face of increasing competition and to meet consumer demand will make SMEs more diverse you can survive and can evolve into a better direction.

5. Actors Should Be Able Innovating SMEs
As already mentioned in the previous article "Innovation in Business Is Something Very Important", the SMEs must be able to innovate in offering their products to market. Most consumers will eventually get bored with the same products and ordinary, they want something different. With hard work and creativity that you and your team have, begin to offer different products or offer products that are mediocre in different ways so that the product could have a higher value in the market. For reference SMEs beginners, DIY crafts can visit as a source of inspiration.

In theory maybe 5 steps mentioned above is quite simple, but in reality the implementation requires hard work from you. I Hope this article helpful!

Get Ideas for Choosing the Cell Phones Suitable for You

Get ideas for choosing the Cell Phones Suitable for you, is this article from the Serba Serbi Online. Cell Phones have entered in the section that needs increased drastically. From the limited purposes lifestyle, develops into secondary purposes. Even children too, now many are using Cell Phones.

There are many things that can be done by using Cell Phones. Labor relations contact, send an email, and take pictures, trading, sending money, even play games while waiting. Industrial cell phones as if it never dies, there are always new breakthroughs every day.

Cell Phones else, more diverse types and increasing manifold. Ranging from simple-with the usual applications - up to a million cell phones that have a benefit in it. The price also varies, ranging from cheap to expensive.

Cell Phones are spread all over the world has a lot of variety. Of course, it is necessary to get an idea for selecting Cell Phones suitable for you.

Cell Phones industry is currently developing with Android OS Cell Phones. Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile phones such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android is better known by the local population with a touch screen.

This is not surprising, since cell phones using touchscreen technology that allows you to touch the screen without strong pressure, but you have cell phones function as you wish.

Android itself has been working with companies leading technology developer.

Well, back to the tips that you need to get cell phones to select the right one for you, there are some things you should look at:

1. The Internal Memory 
For some people, the internal memory of the cell phones still underestimated, most of them still choose external memory capability. Though internal memory is required at the time of system installation programs, applications, games and widgets in your cell phones.

Minimum capacity of internal memory you have to use is 2 GB, due to the ability of this kind of internal memory, allowing you to install a variety of programs that you need in your cell phones.

2. Famous Brands 
Outstanding android gadgets have tremendous power. But not all android have full functionality on all the gadgets. The role of the brand has a considerable influence on the optimal durability and a cell phones. So make sure the brands most well have had a good brand image as a producer of technology.

3. Completeness 
Every cell phone has different features and classification. Complete feature can give satisfaction to its user. Ideally, a cell phones equipped with a Micro SD slot, camera, music, radio and other attributes. The ability to use more than one card, flash lights as auxiliary lighting for taking pictures at night, wider screen and many others.

4. The New 
We recommend that you buy at the store Cell Phones which has licensed the sale of Cell Phones. This, it should be done so that you avoid scams.

5. Aftermarket Warranty 
Maybe you are not used to using your cell phone with Android OS and you're utilizing your time, to learn more with your Cell Phones. With the aftermarket warranty you will need in the event of an error and you cannot fix it, the solution is to take advantage of after-sale warranty you have.

6. Maximum Functioning 
Selecting Cell Phones, not just for style or just to follow the trend alone, but note the function of the cell phones that you choose. Choose Cell phones that can help us in maximizing the daily activities.

7. Effectiveness
Another important thing to consider is the place where you would normally use the Cell Phones? For example, if you are an ordinary person living at home, a PC (personal computer) is the right choice, but if you are a person who rarely settle in one place, then cell phones are the most appropriate for you.

8. Trend do not Be a Victim 
With the increasing number of circulating Cell Phones, make sure you know your personal needs, so you will not fall victim to the trend of technology cell phones. Up to date it is necessary, but not cell phones have to replace it every week.

9. Observe Cell Phones will be purchased 
Do not get hung up on one brand of Cell Phones that set a high price. Make a habit of comparing one brand: Cell Phones cell phones with other brands that are relatively cheap but have a specification that is approaching. One more thing to note is how the services provided by the manufacturer of the Cell Phones. See to it that you get the best service when experiencing problems with the Cell Phones.

10. Customize with Budget 
Buy cell Phones, according to the capacity of the wallet. Do not get just because you want to buy Cell phones that have dreamed for a long time makes you sacrifice more important things. Many Cell phones are relatively inexpensive, with the capacity of an specification that is not inferior to the expensive brands.

Hopefully some of tips above will help you get an idea to choose cell phones that suit you.

With Best College Paper Writing Service, No Longer Confused about the Essay

When you have a duty to make the essay, what is in your mind? I do not know where to start?

It would be difficult for you if you want to write an essay without knowing in advance what the essay. Essays are easily interpreted as shorthand to express your opinion about a particular topic. No matter what you write, that's essays.

The essay is an attempt to communicate information, opinions, or feelings, and usually presenting an argument about a topic. In the context of journalism, an essay is writing that contains a review or discussion of a topic that is at all possible there is no connection with the news or events.

In college, you quite often to write an essay. In lectures, essays, you create a scientific nature. It could be said that this is a formal essay, its serious, weighty, and logical, not any, which is often also referred to papers.

Various Kinds of Essay 

In essay writing, there are various options. Let's take a look!

Narrative essays 

Narrative essays tell a story or stories, for example about past experiences or events, occurrences or events that just happened / is happening, it could be about something that happened to other people. Narrative essays to illustrate an idea how to speak. Recounted the events are usually presented in the order of time (chronological).

Descriptive essays 

Descriptive essays describe something as clear and detailed as possible so that the reader can easily form a "mental picture" (mental picture) of what is written. Descriptive essays are usually aimed at creating an impression about a person, place, or thing even ideas.

Persuasive essays 

Persuasive essays to convince the reader to accept the author's perspective on something or accept the recommendation writer to do something. In summary, these three types of essays contain a call or invocation. This essay seeks to change the behavior of the reader or motivate the reader to participate in an action / action. This essay may express an emotion or seem emotionally.

Before writing, we can choose which one you like the type of essay. For example, if you have an idea about the tricks to teach children to love worship, you can try a descriptive essay. You can explain as best as possible, that your ideas.

How to Make an Essay

Write an essay, it's easy. The formula is only one, namely understood that the essay must consist of: introduction, contents, and closing.


This section provides background on why essay made​​, introduction, or a description of the problem to be discussed in the essay.


This section contains all the information about the topic of the essay we write, from A to Z. Can be equipped with theories, facts, pictures, charts, and so on.


This section contains a summary of all our essays. Closure can be done with paper restates the main idea, summary, or can be added persuasive sentences.

Puzzled to find a topic and no ideas? 

A walk, read a book, or chatting with people around you. You'll get a brilliant idea. Seek information as possible about the topic you choose. Take advantage of the internet, the library, or the people around you. This information will help you get out of the impasse idea.

Do not know how to write? 

Use the easy way! First, make a list of things what you want the reader to know from reading your essay. Second, try to make an outline or framework 1 point by point based on the core stuff, writes coherently from opening until closing. Third, the framework developed in the form of sentences paragraphs.


It seems to break for a moment. Divert attention away from your computer screen to drink a glass of tea or watch television

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The service providers also provide 100% money back guarantee, if the non - delivery According to deadlines, plagiarism (direct copy / paste text without proper reference), Double-billed (you made ​​two payments for the same order), and Cancellation of orders prior to document delivery.

What about the price? 

By visiting the best college paper writing service, you will be taken to a page price.php. There is a form that should you choose to order the type of tasks you want. The options are as follows:

1. Type of Service, consisting of Writing, Editing to Revision.
2. Types of Assignment, consisting of Admission Essay, Thesis Paper up.
3. Academic Level, consisting of the High School, to PhD
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5. Spacing, consists of double and single
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