Get Ideas for Choosing the Cell Phones Suitable for You

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Get ideas for choosing the Cell Phones Suitable for you, is this article from the Serba Serbi Online. Cell Phones have entered in the section that needs increased drastically. From the limited purposes lifestyle, develops into secondary purposes. Even children too, now many are using Cell Phones.

There are many things that can be done by using Cell Phones. Labor relations contact, send an email, and take pictures, trading, sending money, even play games while waiting. Industrial cell phones as if it never dies, there are always new breakthroughs every day.

Cell Phones else, more diverse types and increasing manifold. Ranging from simple-with the usual applications - up to a million cell phones that have a benefit in it. The price also varies, ranging from cheap to expensive.

Cell Phones are spread all over the world has a lot of variety. Of course, it is necessary to get an idea for selecting Cell Phones suitable for you.

Cell Phones industry is currently developing with Android OS Cell Phones. Android is a Linux-based operating system for mobile phones such as smartphones and tablet computers. Android is better known by the local population with a touch screen.

This is not surprising, since cell phones using touchscreen technology that allows you to touch the screen without strong pressure, but you have cell phones function as you wish.

Android itself has been working with companies leading technology developer.

Well, back to the tips that you need to get cell phones to select the right one for you, there are some things you should look at:

1. The Internal Memory 
For some people, the internal memory of the cell phones still underestimated, most of them still choose external memory capability. Though internal memory is required at the time of system installation programs, applications, games and widgets in your cell phones.

Minimum capacity of internal memory you have to use is 2 GB, due to the ability of this kind of internal memory, allowing you to install a variety of programs that you need in your cell phones.

2. Famous Brands 
Outstanding android gadgets have tremendous power. But not all android have full functionality on all the gadgets. The role of the brand has a considerable influence on the optimal durability and a cell phones. So make sure the brands most well have had a good brand image as a producer of technology.

3. Completeness 
Every cell phone has different features and classification. Complete feature can give satisfaction to its user. Ideally, a cell phones equipped with a Micro SD slot, camera, music, radio and other attributes. The ability to use more than one card, flash lights as auxiliary lighting for taking pictures at night, wider screen and many others.

4. The New 
We recommend that you buy at the store Cell Phones which has licensed the sale of Cell Phones. This, it should be done so that you avoid scams.

5. Aftermarket Warranty 
Maybe you are not used to using your cell phone with Android OS and you're utilizing your time, to learn more with your Cell Phones. With the aftermarket warranty you will need in the event of an error and you cannot fix it, the solution is to take advantage of after-sale warranty you have.

6. Maximum Functioning 
Selecting Cell Phones, not just for style or just to follow the trend alone, but note the function of the cell phones that you choose. Choose Cell phones that can help us in maximizing the daily activities.

7. Effectiveness
Another important thing to consider is the place where you would normally use the Cell Phones? For example, if you are an ordinary person living at home, a PC (personal computer) is the right choice, but if you are a person who rarely settle in one place, then cell phones are the most appropriate for you.

8. Trend do not Be a Victim 
With the increasing number of circulating Cell Phones, make sure you know your personal needs, so you will not fall victim to the trend of technology cell phones. Up to date it is necessary, but not cell phones have to replace it every week.

9. Observe Cell Phones will be purchased 
Do not get hung up on one brand of Cell Phones that set a high price. Make a habit of comparing one brand: Cell Phones cell phones with other brands that are relatively cheap but have a specification that is approaching. One more thing to note is how the services provided by the manufacturer of the Cell Phones. See to it that you get the best service when experiencing problems with the Cell Phones.

10. Customize with Budget 
Buy cell Phones, according to the capacity of the wallet. Do not get just because you want to buy Cell phones that have dreamed for a long time makes you sacrifice more important things. Many Cell phones are relatively inexpensive, with the capacity of an specification that is not inferior to the expensive brands.

Hopefully some of tips above will help you get an idea to choose cell phones that suit you.

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