DIY Crafts - a source of inspiration to innovate products for Small and Medium Enterprises

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DIY Crafts - Helping Small and Medium Enterprises in terms of resources to innovate products 

Small and Medium Enterprises in the majority of the business activities of small and need to be protected to prevent unhealthy competition.

SME is one important part of the economy of a country or region. SMEs have a very important role in the speed of the economy. SMEs are also very helpful state / government in terms of new job creation and through the many SMEs also created a new unit that uses the new personnel that can support household income.

Apart from that SMEs also have a high flexibility when compared to the effort that larger capacity. These SMEs need special attention and supported by accurate information, to enable the targeted business relationship between small and medium-sized businesses with business competitiveness elements, namely market network.

The number of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) that exist in the current increased, but the number of SMEs is found to be proportional to the level of their competitiveness, both locally and internationally. If we notice, most SMEs just make the process of production, trade, and the economically, thus making the competitiveness of SMEs can not compete with big companies.

Based on the information, it turns out about 70% of existing SMEs to start these activities due to the economic pressure is not because they have a unique product or skill in a particular field. Of course, this condition leads to the majority of SMEs do not have the competitiveness, where we know that to survive and thrive in the business world that is increasingly tight we have to have the skills, can work in a professional, and able to create innovations in their businesses .

Here are some steps that can be done to develop the ability and skill in improving SMEs owned:

1 Actor SME Must Have Soul of Leadership In Himself
Although you still have to start SMEs and not an employee, you still have to instill leadership qualities in you, so when your employees will have the employee can lead well. Your ability to lead, plan, organize, and run a business will certainly have a very important role in the strong growth of business itself.

2 Actors SMEs Should Want to Learn About Management
Knowledge of Management is a very important thing to be owned by the SMEs. With a capital of knowledge management, you will be able to optimize the available resources in your business, and can reduce the risk of loss that may occur.

3 Actors SMEs Must Do Marketing and Branding
One of the causes of the failure of an SME is not doing marketing and branding to the fullest. These two factors are very important in the growth of a business either small scale or large scale. We recommend that you create a logo and company name that is easily remembered by others, and also make your SME promotion that is increasingly recognized by the public. We must never forget that no matter how good the product you sell if not supported by good promotion activities, people will not know.

4. Actors SMEs Should Adapts
Wider market and the growth of SMEs is the more certainly will create a lot of challenges. An observant in SMEs should pay attention to all the opportunities and obstacles that may come before you, and can make decisions and act quickly. Ability in the face of increasing competition and to meet consumer demand will make SMEs more diverse you can survive and can evolve into a better direction.

5. Actors Should Be Able Innovating SMEs
As already mentioned in the previous article "Innovation in Business Is Something Very Important", the SMEs must be able to innovate in offering their products to market. Most consumers will eventually get bored with the same products and ordinary, they want something different. With hard work and creativity that you and your team have, begin to offer different products or offer products that are mediocre in different ways so that the product could have a higher value in the market. For reference SMEs beginners, DIY crafts can visit as a source of inspiration.

In theory maybe 5 steps mentioned above is quite simple, but in reality the implementation requires hard work from you. I Hope this article helpful!

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