9 tips to Make Our Lives Happier

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We as humans are not only living as a private man, but also as a social creature that is not possible a lot of things that do make us feel sad, disappointed and hurt. However, it is fitting all of it, does not make us worse off. Because our happiness is our right, to the following are nine tips to make our lives happy.

1. Don’t Fear and Worry

Feelings of fear and worry are our mind the most  unproductive. Most of the things we worry or fear  never happened. So what are we worried and afraid?

2. Never Saving Revenge

Revenge is going to be the biggest and heaviest  burden if we keep it in our hearts. Will you carry it  throughout life? .... I Don’t think so. Don’t waste  our energy to hold a grudge, certainly of no use. Use  the energy that we have, for the things that are  positive.

3. Focus on the Issues

If we have some problems, resolve our problems one by  one. Don’t unthinkable to solve the problem at once  because it will make us more stress.

4. Don’t Bring Problems at Bedtime

The problem is a very bad thing, for the health of  our sleep. The problem that brought at bedtime, will  make restless and not being soundly.

5. Don’t Interfere Other People's Problems

Helping others who are in trouble is a noble thing,  but if we take the largest portion, to resolve the  problems of others, that's the biggest mistake. Let  the person who solves their own problems with the  largest portion.

6. Don’t Live in the Past

It feels good to remember the fun things in the past,  but don’t be complacent. Concentrate with what is  happening at this time, because we would be able to  feel a lot of happiness in the moment. I am sure we  will have a feeling much happier if we were  celebrating what happened today than remembering  happiness in the past.

7. Be a Good Listener

Probably most people, including me, believe that hard  to be a good listener. On the contrary we expect  others who listened to us, but actually to learn to  listen to others, we will get a lot of new things  that can be very useful for the happiness of our  lives.

8. Don’t let frustration mess up your life

Take positive action and do it consistently. Don’t  let frustration at failed attempts many times, making  our lives a mess. We must believe that there are only  two things that happen, when we take action, that is  happy or study.

9. Always Thankful

Thankful and grateful for all we get, not just the  positive things but also negative things. Because I  believe behind every negative thing is there are good  things we can learn.

Hope it is useful!

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