Ten business idea, which is profitable as a product SME

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One of the factors that may affect the business performance of SMEs is the SME business model. SME business model is a prototype developed by SMEs in business.

Every business has a unique character that requires its own business model. SME business model is a model that describes how to achieve a profit, so it is like a vehicle which is built in order to drive them to their destination.

A good business model that most SMEs are not able to explain who the customers of the business and how the business can make a profit. An SME business model has contributed greatly to the business performance of SMEs.

SME business model is the key to SME businesses, to improve competitiveness and achieve the end goal. For example, the price of a product SME policies and marketing site selection will affect the number of SME products are sold and be able to compete in the market.

Often the process of development of the SME business model goes unnoticed.
To be able to develop the business models of SMEs, micro and small enterprises should have 4 things, that there is market demand, there is potential for SMEs, there is awareness for Research and Product Development, and there are business leaders into the motor.

Selection of SME products that will be developed into a business model of SMEs, of course also interesting to note.

Here are 10 business ideas that have the advantage to be developed into products of SMEs and SME business models used in the future.

1. Business supporter’s gadgets and accessories 
The lifestyle of modern society, making use of gadgets especially mobile devices like smartphones will experience unprecedented growth. So, for those of you who are confused looking for a business opportunity, there is no harm if a business tried selling gadgets and gadget accessories.

2. Online Business 
Internet access is getting easier through mobile devices, making the growth of online businesses increasingly shining brightly in the days to come. For example, just as the media business portal, selling products through online stores, drop shipping, affiliate, and so forth.

3. Business Printing 
Business Printing never-ending, banners, billboards, pins, stickers, brochures and so on.

4. Shirt Screen Printing Business 
Not compete with the printing business, party balls (FIFA World Cup) which makes the t-shirt printing business much sought after community.

5. Business of Fashion 
The field of fashion is one of the business opportunities that never no death. Fashion business such as clothes, bags, shoes, accessories for women are still more likely to produce abundant profits each month. For those of you who are interested to pursue this effort, could follow the fashion trends that exist but still creates its own characteristics so as not to compete with existing players
6. Business Franchise 
Last year, the business that brought the concept of franchising (franchise) has developed very promising. Even a variety of business sectors also open its network with the franchise concept. Call it like a business franchise education, beauty, technology, health, and business services.

7. Businesses Culinary/Food
Almost the same with the fashion business, the culinary/food field has also become one of the business opportunities that never dies at feeding times. Although the competition is already pretty crowded, but with the innovation and the different characteristic you can reap big profits from the culinary/food business. For example, create a unique menu, or carrying such a unique concept catering business online.

8. Business Herbs 
Increased public awareness of the importance of health, making herbal products began to glance to replace chemical-based products. Even so the magnitude of the public interest, now herbal products and traditional herbal medicine not only penetrated the local market but also began to be exported to the international market.

9. Automotive Business 
Condition of the domestic economy is getting better, making the level of consumption of luxury goods such as automotive products is increasing. Many automotive manufacturers are planning to launch a cheap car, thus indirectly the growth of the automotive businesses such as car and motorcycle repair, accessories, and modification of automotive goods increasingly promising sizable advantage.

10. Crafts Business 
Souvenir is still a mainstay in Business SME. To find the information and inspiration of handicraft products you can visit one of them in crafts pinterest .

Decide on a business idea that suits your potential and immediately arrange business plan that will be fully, so that every month you can pocket the lucrative profits.

I hope this article is helpful!

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